About Connie Koshewa, LM CPM MPH
She is a Certified Professional Midwife with a Masters Degree in Public Health and has been active in the midwifery and public healthcare community for over twenty-five years. Connie trained in midwifery at The Maternity Center in El Paso, Texas in 1980. She then had a busy homebirth practice in Denver Colorado where she was instrumental in the successful political effort to legalize midwifery in Colorado.
She returned to El Paso in 1989 to practice as a staff midwife at Maternidad La Luz/The Birth Center which serves women and families on the US/Mexico border as well as midwifery students from all over the world. Connie has been working with the politics of integrated reimbursement issues for several years, including helping with the efforts to reinstate New Mexico Medicaid coverage for out-of-hospital birth.
She has now returned to full time midwifery practice and is honored to once again be able to serve women and families through Natural Birth Midwifery, grateful to be in a homebirth-friendly state.