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What is the best time to start midwife care?
You may come as early in your pregnancy as you wish, or even for preconception or well-woman care prior to pregnancy. If you are pregnant, the earlier you start the more care you receive. It is not uncommon, however, to make the decision to have a home birth late in a pregnancy. Remember, it is never too late to decide to have a home birth if you have a low-risk pregnancy.
What if I can't handle the pain of a natural birth?
Women have given birth for thousands of years . . . you have within yourself everything you need. When a woman is surrounded by a knowledgeable guide, allowed to labor spontaneously, massaged and encouraged, she finds inner resources and strength she never knew she had. Also, laboring in a comfortable, low-stress environment encourages the body's natural painkillers to take effect. These endorphins allow women to enter a new, yet natural, threshold of stamina, which does not create risk for the baby like drugs can.
Is home birth safe?
Yes. For low-risk pregnancies, it has been shown to be as safe as physician-attended births in hospitals, yet with even lower intervention and infection rates than in the hospital. In fact, the countries with the lowest mortality and morbidity rates are those countries where midwifery is an integral part of obstetric care and where home birth is commonly practiced.
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