Stories of birth : Testimonial.

Emily, Jordan & Finn

Our experience with Connie was amazing.  With Connie's help, my wife just brought our first child into the world, a son.  Connie's wealth of experience as a midwife, vast clinical knowledge, and calming and compassionate presence turned our challenging delivery into a positive and transformative experience for both my wife and myself.  We built a strong bond with Connie over six months of prenatal care.  Her remarkable presence consistently had a soothing effect during those sometimes tense times.  On the day that my wife’s water suddenly broke, with Connie’s help (she came to our house right away), we started the process of water birth at home (as planned).  Ultimately, home water birth turned out to not be possible due to circumstances that were unforeseeable; Connie helped us decide, after 12 hours of at-home labor and little progress, that we should transition from homebirth to hospital birth.  Given that we had been adamantly against birthing at a hospital during the planning prenatal stage, this change went smoothly—thanks again, I think, to Connie’s warm and loving way of working with us.  Once at the hospital, Connie was with us throughout.  She stayed with us 24-7, not leaving my wife's side until the birth (at 22 hours of labor), and afterwards visiting often.  Connie easily morphed from midwife to doula.  She did a great job at switching roles, and still actively applied her loving energy, authority, and wisdom to guide the process.  She worked with the hospital staff extremely well, partially due to established professional relationships she had with them.  She was neither too assertive nor too passive--her interpersonal skills were unparalleled (and greatly needed in the adverse environment of the hospital).  Once we got home with our healthy, 10 lbs, 3 oz, 22 inches kid, Connie continued to be intimately involved in helping us transition into being new parents.  She did a lot of hand holding (at our request).  She always found the right balance between respecting our decision-making and providing expert, wizened consultation.  I, and we, feel great love and gratitude towards Connie.  Our son expresses a special affinity for her, too.  Always gentle and caring, she has been unfailingly wise and competent at the same time.  We were blessed to have had Connie as a midwife.  Connie is a rare, wonderful, talented human being.  Without reservation, I cannot make a stronger recommendation for a midwife.


Sara Bautista

I was 36 weeks pregnant, seeing an obstetrician, when I suddenly started to dread the birth experience. I had been eagerly looking forward to it, but my OB kept brushing off my desire for a natural birth. I had a sinking sense that the birth would include many interventions that could probably be avoided in my low-risk pregnancy.

After a particularly discouraging OB appointment, I went to see Connie for a consultation. She spent no less than 3 hours talking with me and answering my questions. She was open, relaxed, and encouraging. She told me to take a few days and talk with my husband and family, and assured me that I would know in my heart which option was right for me. She never talked badly about hospital births, and let me know that I could have a positive experience in a variety of birth settings.

Several days later, we had made our decision for a homebirth. I was thrilled! I was also able to participate in some of the events for pregnant moms (I believe there was a dance/yoga class), and soon discovered the amazing network of women and mothers that make up the birth center.

When the day/night finally came, Connie and her assistant were ready. While I was in hard labor, they helped me move around and try different positions to ease the pain. Connie helped me into the birth pool and encouraged me to use sound to effectively push.

After my daughter’s head emerged, I lost the urge to push. The assistant quickly checked me and felt that my daughter’s arm was extended, blocking the shoulders from coming through. Connie was poised and ready to take any action necessary. They were able to quickly adjust the arm, and swoosh – my daughter was born! She floated to the top of the water, and soon I had her in my arms.

The midwives took care of me and the baby, and cleaned everything up, while my mom made me breakfast (it was 4 in the morning by then). It was a joyful, spiritual event. In the days to follow, Connie helped with breastfeeding and other advice. Since then, she has been a great support person for our new family.

Overall, my experience was absolutely wonderful. Connie is experienced and knowledgeable, but also gentle and loving. I am so grateful that I was able to birth my daughter in the safety, comfort and calm of my own home. It was a beautiful and amazing experience that I wouldn’t change for anything. I also believe that it helped me start motherhood feeling confident and empowered, knowing the inherent power and wisdom in my body.

Sara, Miguel, and Sofia (2.5 yo)

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